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The Story of Anna

Anna's first psychic experience was around the age of 7 years old, it was on a Wednesday morning and Anna was walking to school. There were 2 pathways to the school, the way Anna normally went and the alternative pathway that she had never used before. That particular morning she was a little alarmed to discover that a building was blocking the entrance to the pathway. So she was forced to go down the alternative route. Over the next few weeks this building continued to be present, from Anna's perspective, and she became increasingly concerned because she was not comfortable with the alternative pathway. Anna reacted as most children do, she became stressed and was not keen to go to school anymore. This resulted in her mother asking what the problem was and Anna explaining the building situation. Anna told her mother about this building with an archway that she felt if she went through the archway to try and access the school path, she may get lost in a maze.

Anna's mother, being a down to earth character, was baffled by all this and said there was no such building but to comfort her child said she would walk to school with her the next day and show her where to go. The following morning Anna’s mother asked her was she still sure there was there still a building as if she was making up stories she would be in trouble. Anna of course said "it is there" and off they set as they entered the street the school was in her mother said "Ok what building are you talking about?" Anna confidently pointed to the spot and said "That..." and then realised the building wasn't there anymore.

Her mother's natural reaction was to say "I knew you were making up stories!" Anna didn't see the building again until she was 16 years old. It was her father who one day said "come with me I have something to show you" and with that they went off walking towards her old primary school. When they reached the road the school was on, there blocking the pathway was a building with an archway, her father took her through the archway and showed her that the path split in two, one branch lead to the school gate, the other down a maze of corridors to elderly peoples sheltered accommodation. Her father said I think this is the building you saw all those years ago.

Anna’s first prediction/vision had come true.>

There were other similar unexplainable events in Anna’s early life such as;

Anna's family were now getting used to these events and would refer to them as "Those strange things that happen to you."

Fast forward to Anna's early twenties when her world seemed to go mad. It all started with a news flash interrupting the James Bond movie she was watching. The story was about the British Ambassador who had had dinner with the British Cricket Team the night before and had been assassinated. 24 hours later Anna watched the same news flash and complained to her husband that they had interrupted the film to re-run a news flash and somebody would be in trouble for that. Anna's husband assured her that this was not an old story, but she would not be convinced. so the next day she checked all the newspapers and spoke to everyone she knew asking if they had seen the news flash, but her husband was right, the man was still alive when she saw the first news flash, another one of those strange things. However what was different this time was that rather than it being months before another such event occurred Anna found these visions now intruded into her life on pretty much a daily basis.

During the course of the following year with her Visions, Clairvoyant Messages, and Spiritual Awareness in all dimensions spiralled out of control, and she was desperate to get her life back to normal. She was also very concerned that she may in fact be going MAD. Her initial reaction was to seek medical advice (because she had no experience of family or friends of psychic matters). However this had no impact whatsoever on the strength or frequency of these events. It was actually a member of nursing staff who first suggested to Anna that these events may be psychic related. Eventually Anna became angry at how her life had been taken over by these events, and reached a point where she had to know the truth.

Was she mentally ill? Or could she be Psychic???

Anna decided to put this to the test once and for all. So she gathered a number of people together and asked them to make lists of friends they knew that Anna did not. She asked them to try and trick her, for example if they knew someone who used their middle name put them on the list using both their firs and middle name and also to put them on the list using their married and maiden name. Anna was then handed a list of fifty names and proceeded to attempt to link in to each person to provide some kind of description, be it physical, character, work or situation round them. When completed 47 of her descriptions matched. That was the turning point where Anna finally realised what all these strange events had really been about.

The next six months Anna focused on attuning her skills and trying to control these new found abilities. Her first method of choice was the crystal ball because many of her visions had been very visual. Along with this technique Anna also introduced the use of ordinary playing cards to help her tune in to the psychic energies (Anna chose ordinary playing cards over tarots because she found the tarot pictures scary and she did know of one psychic who worked with the playing cards). Over this period of development time Anna deliberately chose not to read any books relating to psychic development. This was to reduce the risk of convincing herself that she shared their experiences. If Anna was going to be working in this way, it had to have come through her natural development without outside influences.

When at last Anna felt that she had her abilities under control, the next step in her plan was to launch herself onto the general public, because she firmly believed that if she had got it wrong and she was indeed just crazy (lol) then they would certainly tell her that in no uncertain terms.

32 years later as they say the rest is history.